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Why do appointments disappear from the agenda? Appointments don't disappear, they just change their status. To be able to see completed appointments or other statuses you need to go to "agenda" and click on "search appointments", there you can click on "status" and select those that you wish to appear, then "search".
Divide appointments When you assign an appointment with 2 services and save it, then click on that appointment and the "actions" button appears and within that drop-down you have the option to "divide services". Pressing it divides the appointment into 2 services (different boxes) and you can assign it to a different employee in the agenda, to charge client click on any of the appointments and the services can be charged together.
How do I charge for an appointment/sale? A sale can be charged from the agenda or from the client's file. If the client has an assigned appointment, to charge this sale just click on the appointment and click the "payment" button, add new services or products if necessary, and click the "save" button> select the payment method and finish the sale. If the client does not have an assigned appointment, you can create a "new sale" from the agenda or from the client file and follow the same steps as explained above.
I created an employee and they don't appear in the agenda This is because of the agenda view > to show all the emloyees in the agenda you need to go to agenda > and when clicking on "search appointments" it will open a dropdown > select the field "employees" and once you've selected all, click "search".
Why do the appointments disappear once I've charged for them? This is due to the calendar view, which by default only shows pending appointments. For more appointments to appear you have to go to "agenda" > press "search appointments" and a dropdown opens > select the "status" field and select the appointments you want to be shown in the agenda and click "search" .
The appointment reminders aren't working, why? For an appointment reminder to be sent, the appointment must have been assigned with a minimum of 48 hours in advance, that is, if you assign an appointment for tomorrow no reminder will be sent, however, if you assign an appointment within 3 days, 24 hours before the appointment date the client will receive the reminder.
I can't change the hour of an appointment because the agenda is blocked In the calendar view select "month" view and it will allow you to select it and make the necessary changes.
Can I print or export the agenda? Yes, from agenda, first you have to select the type of agenda view that you want to print or export (day, employees, week, month or booth) and then press print or export located in the bar above the agenda.
Can you see the agenda divided into rooms or booths? Yes, for this you must previously register the rooms or booths from "settings"> "resources". Once you have created the booths, you just have to go to the agenda and you will see that there is a new button "resources", if you press it the agenda is divided into booths or resources.
How do you redeem a client's points in the sale? To redeem a customer's points in a sale, in the sale process, before pressing the "save" button> press "points" and the redemption window appears. If you press the button "use points"> the programme automatically redeems the points and you can finish the sale as always.
What is clients in the center? It is a tool used to mark when a client arrives at the center and is waiting to be attended. This functionality is intended for medium / large centers. In this way, if the employees are not at the reception, they can find out if a customer is waiting. This client is indicated with the icon of a clock that flashes in the appointment and also in the "clients in the center" tab.
Why does the appointment blink? If there is an appointment that blinks, it is because that client has the "clinical information" field filled and therefore it is an observation that must be taken into account before attending to the client.
How can I generate a debt? For example: Imagine that today a client receives a service with a value of € 70 and only pays € 40 in the process of charging for said service, when the programme asks the amount that the client delivers, there you put € 40 and you will see underneath written in "red" the debt to be generated. Once you finish the sale, that debt appears in the client's file (from where we can add contributions) and you can also see it in the statistics.
How do I block a time slot or hour? To block a time slot you have to click on the agenda just like you would to make an appointment, and click on the red button at the bottom left "Block timeslot". A window will open, where you can fill in the hours, the employee and a description.
How can I find out if an appointment reminder email or SMS has been sent to a customer? You can find this out directly from the appointment. If an envelope icon appears in the appointment, it means that the appointment reminder email has been sent and if an icon of a mobile phone appears, it means that the appointment reminder sms has been sent. "Marketing" -> "Email Delivery" -> "Sent emails" for emails, and in "Marketing" -> "SMS Delivery" -> "Sent SMS" for SMS.
How can I return a product or refund the amount of a service? To return or restore a product or service we must carry out the same sale operation but with a negative sense. So, you need to create a "New sale"> "add the client"> enter the "service" or "product"> and indicate in "quantity" the number -1 or the number of units or services to be returned. This operation will restore the box and the stock if necessary.
Can I enter sales from previous dates? To enter sales from previous dates, just click on "new sale" (either from the agenda or from the customer file) and on the top right you can modify the date. Then you finish the sale and it is automatically inserted on the selected day.
How can I sell a credit? You need to press "new sale"> select the name of the client> press the button "add concept"> and you select the tab "credits", you only have to look for the voucher that you are going to sell to the client, add it and finish the sale.
How do I sell a product if the client doesn't have an appointment? If the client does not have an assigned appointment, a "new sale" can be created from the agenda or from the client's file by pressing "add concept". Select the "products" tab and there you can choose the product, add it and end the sale.
How to redeem a credited session? Once the voucher has been sold to the customer, an appointment or sale of the service contracted with the voucher must be generated. If the service is associated with the customer's credit, a star will appear next to the service. Press the star, and the price will change to € 0, select "coupon" as the payment method and end the appointment. Once completed, the credited session will have been discounted.
How do I reorder the employee columns? To sort the employees go to "settings"> "employees"> "order"> and drag in the order you want them to appear and then hit save.
Why can my clients book online if I don't have the center's hours open? The schedule shown for online appointment reservations is the schedule of the employees, therefore if the clients have been able to book, it's because an employee has their schedule open by mistake. Go to "settings" -> "employees" and once in the employee file check each person's schedule for that day.

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