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Fill in all the gaps in your schedule with Koibox!

Optimize your schedule with "waiting list" and Last Booking

These tools allows you to send an automatic email or SMS to your clients on the waiting list when an opening appears in your schedule. Enhance your schedule with Last Booking, a system which helps you to cover last minute cancellations and take full advantage of free spaces in your calendar.

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Principle Characteristics

Automatic alerts

Automatic alerts through SMS/email, the system sends an alert to any clients in your waiting list when it detects a free space in your schedule that coincides with your preferences.

Optimize free time

When your clients receive the message about the available free space they simply need to call up your salon and book their appointment. Like this, you will optimize efficiency and take advantage of cancellations or employee free time.

Increase sales

Through these two Koibox tools you can easily cover free space in your schedule on busy days. By doing this, you will create loyal clients, improve productivity and increase sales.