Agenda de citas

Schedule of appointments

We can see the agenda in different ways, you only have to choose between List, Day, Week or Month. We see the agenda of the week and assigned appointments. Clicking on any assigned appointment on the agenda, you can see customer data, time, duration, service, and the observations of the appointment. You can change the status of an appointment to Done, Pending, Cancelled, or Lost.

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Online Facebook Reservations

Facebook is one of the main channels of communication between beauty salons and their customers, in Facebook, hair salons and beauty clinics can exhibit their work, make offers, and hold contests. Offer your clients and supporters the opportunity to book an appointment online 24/7 which enables the acquisition of new clients, increasing your sales and saving time from the telephone reserved for working.

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Online Web Reservations

If your hair or beauty salon has a website, this option will be very useful because you can offer online appointment booking 24/7 saving time and increasing the possibility of new clients and therefore increasing your sales.

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Satisfaction surveys

Activating this feature, your clients will receive a satisfaction survey 24 hours after being treated at your beauty center. You will have access to the answers and statistics, thus obtaining valuable information with which to adapt your business to the needs and desires of your clients.

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Ficha del Cliente

Client Tabs

The client tab is linked to whole program. In this tab you have access to personal customer data, appointment and sale history, calendar, etc. Also you can attach documents (pdf, images of any format, etc.) to the client’s tab, for example, images from before and after a hair or beauty treatment.

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Control de Deudas

Debt Management

If a client leaves a service or part of a service unpaid, Koibox automatically generates a payable that will appear in the tab of that client. The program will remind you of the payable each time that the client goes to charge a later service.

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Estadísticas para incrementar ventas


The program performs statistics of each relevant aspect when it comes to managing and boosting your beauty salon.
n the section of statistics you will see valuable information that will allow you to create offers to increase sales on days of lower incomes, send offers to passive clients that have been too long without visiting your establishment, ...
Access in real time to filtered sales by periods, customers, sales by days of the week, sex, passive clients, etc. Customers are also broken down into top clients, new customers, liabilities, etc ...

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Marketing para centros de belleza


From this section you can boost your sales by attracting clients and customer loyalty. You can create advertising campaigns through SMS messages and newsletters, set up gift cards and loyalty points program for customers, access satisfaction surveys, a tool for promoting tickets and birthday reminder system.

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Top Cliente

Sale Statistics

Access the statistics of your business in real time, from any machine with an internet connection. Sales, clients, amounts due, products.... Control all aspects of your business and develop sale strategies based on these statistics.

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From this section you can configure product orders to your suppliers. The program will detect the minimum stock so that you can send the order by email, or if you prefer you can print it and deliver it by hand to the supplier. In addition, you can configure the program so that the orders from the suppliers are completely automatic, saving time for the workers.

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Consulta de caja

Consultation Box

You can keep track of the box quickly and easily. The change, inputs and outputs of cash on hand, as well as the consultation of all of the sales of the day. In the consultation box you can also see the amount of the sale, time, client, service, and even the employee who made the sale. From this form you will have it under control and you can forget having imbalances.

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In the field of marketing in the newsletter option, you can edit templates, or create your own from scratch to your liking and send it to your contacts to launch promotions for your clients.

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Manage your vouchers in the simplest way possible. Put names to the vouchers, price, and any service you want. It’s that easy! Once you’ve created the voucher, if you assign an appointment to a client with a service that includes the voucher, at the time of charging, the program will remind you automatically. Simple press the “voucher” button and the service will be discounted.

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Campaña SMS

SMS campaigns

Configure from your marketing section your own campaigns through SMS messages. You can select who to send the campaign to, filter by sex or by services performed with one click.

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You can edit the categories of your company, products, prices, as well as the services you offer and the estimated time of completion. You can also set of the hours of your beauty salon, plan schedules of your employees for 6 months in advice with rotations and set holidays, integrate Google calendar, and take control of your beauty salon’s expenses, etc...

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Estadísticas de ventas

How did you hear about us?

It is very important to know through what medium your customers have known you, to know that marketing campaigns or advertising actions are the most effective. And this tool will allow you to optomize your customer acquisition channels.

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And many more functionalities Do you want to try?

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