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Do you want to earn more in your salon?

Increase your sales and manage with ease

Our management software for hair and beauty salons will help you to improve you marketing strategies, increase sales and keep in contact with your customers. Like this, you will optimize the effectiveness of your salon and improve customer experience.

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Main features

Automated appointment notifications

Automatic alerts by SMS/Email of the pending appointments. With this service, once you assign an appointment in the agenda, the client will receive an SMS and/or an email 24 hours in advance to remind them of the appointment.

Loyalty to your customers

Marketing tools that will allow you to capture and retain customers. You can manage email and SMS campaigns, a points programme, gift and loyalty cards, automatic email sending and much more.

Save time every day

Koibox automates all the daily management processes of your salon. Appointment reminders, a quick sales process, debts, expenses, stock control of products and management of suppliers and orders.

Total control

Control all aspects of your business from any device with an internet connection. Manage aspects such as clients and their records, sales levels, employees, schedules. Reducing the time you spend on management, giving you more time to focus on your work.


Access a vast number of different statistics from your beauty or hair salon in real time. Sales statistics, credit purchases, forecast of turnover, debts, sales by employees, % commission, and many more.

Multi-Device and Secure System

It works simultaneously among several teams, adapted for franchises and multi-center salons. Because your data is the most important, we assure to make backups every hour


What's included?

  • Complete management programme
  • Marketing tools
  • Online statistics
  • Unlimited automatic emails
  • Fully featured scheduling system
  • Simultaneous management
  • Up to 5 users/employees
  • Mobile access
  • Email and online support
  • Stock control
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