Contract conditions and terms of agreement



This contract aims to regulate the access and arrangement for the acquisition of the products and services facilitated by Software Koibox SL with the tax ID number B98661028, with the business address in Plaza del Ayuntamiento n5 Puerta 6, 46002 (Valencia), limited partnership constituted in Valencia, before the notary D. Fernando Pascual de Miguel, written in the Mercantil de Valencia Registry, number 9840, sheet 37, Inscription 1, Sheet V-161095. And is financed by ENISA (Ministero de Industria, Energia y Turismo) The license of the present agreement is granted exclusively for the use of the client or client user, constituting a legal framework which develops the contractual relation.

Clause 2. License

Software KoiboxSL, by the acceptance of the present General Conditions of Contract grants you a limited and exclusive license, for the use of the software accompanied, subject to the terms and conditions presented in this document. The use of the software is not permitted in any other way that is not specifically authorized by this License and its olbigated full adhesion and without reserves of all of the clauses available in the moment of contract.

The client or user guarantees that he is a person with ability to sign and has read and understand and accepts the present general conditions of the contract. The user or client will always have access and in all cases, previously at the beginning of the process of contracting products or services, at the present general conditions of contract, being able to be stored and or reproduced in a durable medium. The software is the lisenced patent for the user in any personal computer, tablet or cell phone that has a corresponding operating system for the software that is required and an internet connection.

The lender is the only owner of the software application. The license is only a transfer of use without exclusivity, that enables the use of the application without territorial limitation, that has an infinite duration, therefore none of the other parts decide to revoke the rights and that only permit the use and execution of the application online and exclusively through the website

At no moment can the lender grant the right of the ownership of the software, however that it gives the right of the use in the conditions described in this license, not understanding in any case that its reproduction and public distribution, transfer, sale, rent, or loan, promising not to give its partical or total use under no circumstances, and that will not give away, publish or put the provisions in any other way.

This includes but is not limited to, all of the logos, commercial names, sound content, audiovisuals, all signs, included in the application, these are found protected by the intellectual and industrial property rights from their respective owners, which concludes to be strictly prohibited that the user of the software can disassemble, reproduce, copy, modify or manipulate the contents of the application under no circumstances, entirely or partially, such as modifying, including the physical appearance as well as the functioning operative system.

Clause 3. Ownership and Author Rights.

The software is owned exclusively by Software Koibox SL, and is protected by the legislation of authors rights, treated internationally and whatever legislation is applicable. The client will have no right, title or interest in the Software, and no obligation nor lien will be permitted over this, nor will the use of the software for third parties, nor will any act be performed that can modify the author's rights of the Software. Therefore, the client cannot sell, lease, lend, release, transmit or transfer any title, nor copy the Software for third parties.

Clause 4. Installation

The use if the present software agreement subject does not need installation, as it is an onlineprogram.

Clause 5. General Provisions.

The client must not use or alter the Software for any purpose, nor will the software be able to be used for any other purpose unless authorized previously, withought the previous written consent of Software Koibox SL, which can be denied for any reason. The modification, manipulation, or alteration regarding the engineering or collection or disassembly of the software is completely prohibited. Software Koibox SL has the right to invalidate the license of the software at any given moment, notifying the client with only one day in advance; the cliend has no right to reclaim or request any compensation. Furthermore, the cliend will not be able to (a) lease or transfer through any title, or by non profit causes, the use of third parties of the software; (b) take steps to, through inverse engineering or any other method, disassemble , analyze or convert the software; (c) transfer the software to another machine, his or not. The client promises to strictly follow the instructions of Software Koibox SL for the use of its Software.


The software, like any other documentation and information related with this, is property exclusively of Software Koibox SL. The client agrees to strictly maintain all of the information that the Software may have given confidential, since all of the mentioned information is confidential and property of Software Koibox SL.

Clause 7. Modification of the contract conditions

Software Koibox SL can modify the present clauses always when there is a sufficient cause or motive that exists. It is understood that a sufficient cause or motive for the modification, is spoken but not limited, when there is a purpose: 1. Expand the range or number of products that are available to users or clients or improve the existing ones. 2. Modify, substitute or update the prices or descriptions of the products or services that are offered through the program. For this reason, the user or client must carefully read the present general contract conditions each time that the contract of a product or service is reached.

Clause 8. Modification and version updates.

Software Koibox SL will modify the Software under the terms and conditions included in the present, substituting it with updated versions, without any cost to the client.

Clause 9. Rights and Obligations of the Parties

1. Koibox SL Software Obligations

Koibox SL software commits to comply with the following contractual obligations derived from the business relationship with the user or client as a result of the user contracting products and services:

-It shall pffer every guarantee to the user or client that the service requested by the latter will be provided in accordance with the contractual terms and in good contractual faith.

- It shall expressly inform the user or client of the existnece of the present conditions, prior to commencement of the contractual procedure.

- It shall inform the user or client, prior to contractual commitment and in a clear, specific , precise and unequivocal manner, of the specific characteristics of the services requested, such as the price of these, any applicable taxed and the transport costs.

- It shall provide the user or client with a copy of the text of the general conditions.

- Confirm the user or client by e-mail of the contracts completion within a time period of 24 hours from the acceptance time of the general conditions of the contract.

2. Obligations of the user or client, by his part, the user or client promises the following:Comply in full with all the provisions of the conditions governing the services provided by Koibox Software SL.

- Comply in full with all the provisions of the conditions governing the services provided by Koibox Software SL.

- Complete the registration forms prior to commencement of the contractual procedure with the truthful, up-to-date information.

- Facilitate, in a correct form, bank account information requested by Software Koibox SL.

- Pay the price of the products or services purchased..

- In case of a request for an invoice, the user or client can direct himself to the lendor who will emit the corresponding invoice for the services provided.

-By doing this, the user or client guarantees to be older than 18 and has no capacitated limit to contract the goods or services

3. User or Clients Rights

- All information provided to the user or client shall be binding for Software Koibox SL and the LENDOR in the terms established by the current legislation.

- All users or clients have the right to insist that the goods or services contracted be conform to the category and the legal requirements contracted.

Clause 10. Other information before Contracting

The user or client shall be guided with respect to the procedure to be followed to enter into the agreement, as well in the procedure for the identification and correction of dad that he or she has provided to enter into the agreement through the forms created for this purpose.

The user or client accepts the present general conditions of contract, which can be remitted by e-mail once payment has been finalized, in which Software Koibox SL will not save the electronic contract. In any case, the present general conditions of contract will be permanently accesible from the program.

Offers shall last for as long as the period of the time specified in each case in the program. In the even that stocks run out before the date on which the offer ends, if the user or client agrees, supply may be made of a product or service of equal quality and price. The user or client may consult the basic characteristics of each product by viewing a description of these in the program.

Clause 11. Term and Termination

This contract shall be in effect until it has been completed. You can cancel the contract at any moment, by communicating in writing by mail to the following e-mail address: con una antelación de 15 días.

This contract shall also be terminated immediately if any term is broken or condition of the present without meaning renouncing Software Koibox SL to its rights of completing legal proceedings that are derived.

If payment is made in advance corresponding this to a payment in which the client benefits from a discount or promotion, the client cannot request a total or partial reimbursement of the payment. Since the client previously used the product during a 15 day trial period, for which this is considered that since the client has paid for the asked amount, it is because he is satisfied with the product.

Clause 12. Invoices and form of payment.

Software Koibox SL will send invoices to the client for the services and or products with the current rates at every moment, which will be incremented with the corresponding tax. The complete payment of the product CRM, is performed by a direct deposit in the bank account given to the client at the time of registration.

Clause 13. Comprehensive Agreement

This license agreement constitutes the complete contract between the client and Software Koibox SL, substitutes any agreement made beforehand or currently between the parties. This agreement cannot be amended, modified nor ratified, except by sending a written document signed by both parties.

Clause 14. Security

In conformity with the contract, every day there will be security copies of the records made and data bases made by the suppliers services. These copies are stored in a copy storage. These storage cabins are physical and logically different than the virtual machine or its host. These security copies are stored for the following time periods: (Daily copy: 15 days), (Weekly copy: 3 weeks) (Monthly copy: 12 months)