From the agenda section you can easily and quickly complete tasks such as booking appointments, manage payments and sales, create a waiting list and add notes or alarms.

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Online agenda for hair and beauty salons



Configure the viewing mode of the agenda by employees, week month or stations. Create and manage alarmas for your employees and define the schedule.


Create and manage appointments quickly and easily, assign services and access notes and clinical information of your clients.


Manage your hair or beauty salon's sales with ease, add product sales, vouchers, loyalty or gift cards.

Waiting list

If your schedule has multiple full days, you can create a waiting list so that when there's a free space available due to cancellation, the software will let your clients know.

Notes and Alarms

Add notes and alarms to your agenda, assign them to your employees with specific dates and times to enhance efficient and fluid communication.

Online Koibox agenda for hair and beauty salons

Optimize your time in the agenda

Configure your services with the duration time and price, quickly reserve appointmentas and take payments.

Appointment reminders

The system sends an automatic alert by Email or SMS to remind your clients about their appointment 24 hours in advance.

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Last Booking

Add your clients to your waiting list and when a time slot becomes available the system will advise them so that they can book an appointment.

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Online Koibox agenda for hair and beauty salons

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