Cash Register

In the cash register section of our management programme you have access to control all the movements of daily sales, income and withdrawals and make the cash settlement or closing.

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management of cash register and sales in hairdressers and beauty slons


Cash register of the day

Check all the movements of the day, opening, cash and card sales, debt payments, income and withdrawals.

Search sale

Access the search engine and filter your sales searches by dates, employees, customers, amounts, services and products,...

Search movements

You have a search engine for movements not associated with sales, you can check debt payments, withdrawals and deposits.

Cash up/Close

After reviewing all the movements of the day, close the box and access a detailed summary of the box of the day.


Register deposits and withdrawals of money not associated with sales in the day's cash register to achieve total control.

manage the cash register of your beauty salon with koibox

The most efficient management

Record all cash movements in real time and send data with ease.

Export cash registers

Export the daily cash registers to Excel.

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Export sales

The software graphically shows you the client's preferred services and the statuses of past appointments.

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cash resgister cash up for beauty salons Koibox

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