From the clients section you have access to the client list, access their file, appointment and sales history, budgets, GPDR, images, surveys, notes and important information.

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Consult the complete appointment and sales history of each client, along with their contact details and directly send emails or SMS.


Add all necessary notes both in the client's file and the appointment in the agenda, to gain total control.

Clinical Information

Add important information to be taken in to account before attending to a client, making the appointment blink in the agenda to remind you.


Access the customer's credit history, see the pending credits to consume and the history of the sessions you carry out.


The system allows your client to sign and accept the GDPR, generating and sending the document automatically and remains stored in their file.

Online clients for beauty salons and hairdressers

Automatic appointment reminders 24 hours in advance

In just one page you access all the online information of your clients.


The system notifies you of the client's debts and their associated movements, as well as the history of the movements.

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Services and appointment statistcs

The software graphically shows you the client's preferred services and the status of past appointments.

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Online clients for beauty salons and hairdressers Koibox

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