lista de espera para centros de estética y peluquerias

Add your clients to the waiting list with the selected dates and times

When a space in the agenda is free, the programme notifies clients that are on that waiting list

Principle characteristics

Automatic alerts

Koibox sends automatic alerts automatically by SMS/Email, the system sends a notice to customers who are on your waiting list when it detects an available slot in the calendar which matches their preferences.

Optimize your agenda

When your clients receive the message that there is a space available the day they want it, they just have to call the center and book the appointment. This way you optimize the use of your agenda and make the most of it.

Increase sales

Through these 2 tools you can easily cover the free spaces in your schedule on the most requested days. This way, you build customer loyalty, increase the productivity of your employees and increase your sales.

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