Configure all aspects of your business to your liking, personalize the system, logo, schedule, details of the salon, cabins, resources, GDPR, security and many more configurations.

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Online settings for hair and beauty salons



Configure your GDPR and activate the option for your clients to sign along with their acceptance of communications, attach it to the clients file, ...

Attendance Control

Control your employees attendance. Monitor the clock-in and clock-out times of your employees to make sure you are complying with regulations, ...


Create an account for each employee where you can configure their premissions, comissions, objectives, holidays, schedule, ...


Chose the colour of your programme, insert your logo and image of the salon which can be added to emails, reciepts, bills, ...


Control the expenses of your salon or hairdressers, create categories, periodic expenses, and access all cash movements.

Attendance control and GDPR for beauty salons

Services and Suppliers

Consult all your business' results in real time.


Define your services and categories, price and estimated time.

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Manage your suppliers, generate orders and control their status, manage stock easily.

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Manage your beauty salon's settings

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