Do you have a beauty salon?

Increase sales, attract new clients, and save time managing your beauty salon with our program.

It offers the possibility to book appointments online through Facebook and your website.

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Do you want to increase the sales of your beauty salon but do not know how?

Manage your hair salon and beauty salon or spa online with our simple and intuitive program and save time to devote to your customers. In addition, our CRM incorporates a section that offers marketing tools, which will give the opportunity to increase sales, and attract and retain customers.

Your customers have the opportunity to book appointments online from your own website and also from your FACEBOOK fan page.

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Your customers can book appointments from your website and Facebook! With our management program, you can configure which type of services with what employee.
Samples free hours of your schedule and easily captures reservations, saving many minutes from being on the telephone.

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We have simplified and automated all of the daily hair and beauty salon management procedures. By doing this, employees will save a lot of time and have complete control of all aspects of your spa or massage center.
Manage appointments, sales, clients, product inventory, supply orders, employees, newsletter...

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Increase your business sales with marketing tools that are available in the software. Activate vouchers, implement a point system, send newsletters, send promotional messages through SMS messages. You can also create gift cards and get to know the opinions of your clients by enabling automatic surveys after performing a service.

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Manage from your mobile phone

Will our new adapted version for mobile devices, you can control and manage your hair or beauty salon from anywhere easily and intuitively. Access it from any platform.
It has never been easier to manage your beauty salon!


Have control of the appointments, assign or cancel appointments for your clients and charge clients for services rendered.

Clients Records

You can access client records along with all of their appointments, sales, vouchers, ...

Sales Control

Collect money from clients online and control all of the sales made by specific employees.

Cash Register

Have control of the cash register at your beauty salon in real time.


Configure the categories, services and products at your hair salon or beauty salon.


It isn't necesary to have a computer or internet connection in your salon.

Management program images

Some screen shots of our CRM for hair and beauty salons, spa, nails,...

Simple and uncomplicated

¡¡¡All automated!!!

Koibox has developed a management programa that is very simple, intuitive and all automated software. Our goal is to facilitate the day-to-day management of hairdressers, beauty centers, spa,... and that our customers optimize their time to get increase the profits of their business.

Once you register, a virtual assistant will briefly explain how the program works. You create the categories, services and clients and Koibox performs all the daily processes for you; stock control, orders to suppliers by an automatic email, appointment reminders, etc... allowing you to save time in the management of your beauty salon.

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