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How to use a gift card? The first thing to do is create the card from "Marketing" -> "Gift cards" with the data you want. Then you have to sell it to the customer from "new sale" or "new sale to the customer" as a normal sale, adding the gift card as a concept. Once sold to the customer, any customer carrying the card can pay with it. When collecting, if a customer wants to pay with a gift card, you have to click "redeem card" in the window of the sale, look for the gift card that you are going to use, and select it. When you accept, the amount of the gift card will be discounted from the sale then to end the sale click on cash, for example, so that you save the sale at €0 since the cash deposit was already made with the sale of the card.
What are lost customers? Lost customers are those customers who have generated a certain amount of income for you but have not been to your salon for a specific period of time. You are the one who has to provide the programme with those details (amount spent and time period) so that the programme can show you who your lost customers are. You can configure this from "marketing" -> "lost customers"
What is statistics limit on "lost customers"? It is the maximum number of lost customers that will be shown in the "lost customers" statistic
How do the surveys work? Can I edit them? Surveys are automatically sent to the customer 24 hours after being attended. All the surveys that are answered are notified by email to the administrator of the salon and they have access to see the results both in "statistics" and from "marketing" -> "surveys". Surveys cannot be customized.
What are the questions sent in the survey? The questions are shown below:
  • How was the treatment received by the employee who treated you?
  • Rate the result of services rendered
  • Would you recommend our business to a friend?
  • Any comment to help us improve? (where the client can write whatever text they wish)
What is a loyaly card and how does it work? A loyalty card is like a credit card. Where the client prepays said card, and obtains as a benefit a discount on future purchases of both services and products until the credit of their card is exhausted.
How can I know if an appointment reminder email or SMS has been sent to a customer? This can be known from the appointment. If an envelope icon appears in the appointment, it means that the appointment reminder email has been sent and if a mobile phone icon appears, it means that the appointment reminder sms has been sent. You can also know entered in "Marketing" -> "Email delivery" -> "Sent emails" for emails, and in "Marketing" -> "Sms delivery" -> "Sent SMS" for SMS.
Can I use my own web address for the web that is created from Koibox? Yes no problem, to do this, once you've contracted the service, all you have to do is modify the DNS in your web domain service so that your web address points to our servers.
How do I make my domain point to your servers? To use the Koibox website creation tool with your own reserved domain other than the one provided by the programme, it is necessary that in the DNS configuration, the type A record used to locate the website, point to the following IP address:

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